Agility brings a competitive edge
One often takes the path to change far too late. If changes are only made once they are forced by circumstance, or if a business is stuck on its past, decay has set in. Large-scale strategic adjustments take time, and must therefore be initiated without fear or hesitation. With the right type of leadership change can bring better results in less time. Speed and agility are important advantages to hold.

Synchronize actions and emotions
Fortunately, people aren’t machines. Everyone has their own way of looking at and reacting to different situations, and it’s our job to recognize these ways to enable change. The best way of achieving this is open and controlled conversation. When a person can share their thoughts, they feel respected and change gets a purpose. Cooperation makes everything, especially change, exponentially more efficient.

Effective leadership in change is possible
Motivated personnel achieve better results. Businesses should invest in workshops to give everyone a chance to quickly bring forth their own thoughts and ideas. The inspiration of others has a different weight and people don’t feel like their opinions have no value or that they are alone in making changes happen. Working on problems together creates solutions and better procedures. Good leadership takes advantage of this!


Facilitated workshops
Effective throughput in change requires courage, foresight, interaction and involvement from staff. We help with the distinct phases of developing a company, whether you seek clarification of your current situation, improving functionality, creating a better work community or enhancing the way you carry out changes. A facilitated workshop and usable tools encourage open discussion and accepting shared responsibility. Results in teams can be achieved in as short of a time as 1-2 days.

Research and analysis
We conduct research in elements pertaining to leadership, growth and developing business habits. The client receives support through coaching or projects, depending on each specific need and situation. We offer aid in clarifying the ways in which business is carried out and improving leadership. Companies can also seek out support with internationalization and ownership change.

Developing and enhancing HR
Employees are an investment. As such, they produce more profit when tended to systematically. We define the personnel services that best suit your business, taking into accord its size, nature and goals, and organize appropriate support functions.

Pirkko Huhta, CEO
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